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Why Residential Park Living is a Popular Choice

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Are you considering the option to stay in a residential park during your visit to Melbourne? As you learn more about the benefits of this lifestyle for your business trip or holiday, it’s easy to see why you should skip the hotel and stay at Airport Tourist Village Melbourne instead.

We offer short term, furnished residential rentals where you can stay for a few weeks or more. Our residential park is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. We are located near Melbourne airport and offer a free airport shuttle service for pick-up and drop-off at the airport. Additionally, you are welcome to book short and long-term parking if needed for your vehicle.

Here are a few benefits to consider if you are thinking about booking a short-term rental in a residential park:

Various Accommodation Options

If you are looking for a romantic weekend with that someone special, then one of our small Studio Units or one bedroom, two bedroom or three bedroom Superior Villas could be a great fit for your getaway trip. On the other hand, we also offer larger cabins and villas that are perfect for families of all sizes. All of our apartments, villas, and cabins are designed to give you the experience that you want while away from home: relaxation, entertainment, convenience, and more.

More Space and Access to Excellent Facilities

Renting a furnished apartment will provide more space and comfort for your family compared to a small, cramped hotel room. Not only do you have a place to sleep at night, but the kitchen, dining, and living areas give you the perfect place to spend time relaxing or enjoying yourself. Plus, you can take advantage of the free on-site conveniences such as laundry facilities, a fun game room, outdoor entertaining areas with BBQs, and a business meeting room with high-speed internet.

Convenience and Access to the Best Locations in the Area

Airport Tourist Village Melbourne is conveniently located within a short distance of Melbourne airport and just 30 mins from Melbourne’s CBD, making it easy for you to access business meetings or sightseeing tours during your stay. You’ll love how simple it is to get to the airport when it’s time to fly out to your next destination. Enjoy our short-term accommodation as your “home away from home” when you are visiting the area for holidays or work.

No Lease Agreement

It is nice to have a comfortable place to stay without worrying about the need to sign a long-term lease. Most apartment buildings in the area want residents to sign a lease for at least 6 months or a year. Our rental cabins and villas are designed to accommodate short-term travellers. We’re happy to have you stay for a few weeks or months based on your travel schedule.

Live Like a Local without Long-Term Commitment

Staying in a short-term, furnished residential apartment gives you the experience of living like a local in Melbourne. You are close to all of the major sights and activities Melbourne has to offer. Since you are staying in a home-like environment, you feel a sense of community. There’s no reason to stay like a tourist in a big, chain hotel when you have the option to book a relaxed, furnished apartment, cabin or villa instead.

Security and Safety for You and Your Family

When traveling, security is often at the top of mind. You need to rest assured knowing that you are booking a place that will be safe and secure for yourself and your children. Read about the facilities offered here at Airport Tourist Village Melbourne, and you’ll see that we provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere for your family to enjoy.

Save Money on Accommodations and Food

There’s no question that the cost of a hotel stay can add up, especially when you are staying in an in-demand area near the Melbourne airport. Some visitors are surprised at the amount of money required for a long-term hotel stay. Instead of spending your budget on an expensive hotel, you can save quite a bit by booking an in-expensive short-term cabin, apartment, or villa here at Airport Tourist Village Melbourne. Plus, your expenses will go down since you have the opportunity to prepare home-cooked meals instead of eating out several times a day.

Short-Term Rentals are Better than a Long-Term Lease

Someone who is planning to visit Melbourne for a few weeks or more can benefit from residential park living. These short-term, furnished apartments are ready to go: you can move in without worrying about the logistics of utilities, setting up the apartment, or buying furniture. Unlike the process of signing a lease on a long-term rental, it is easy to settle in since you don’t need to take care of common moving tasks.

When you are choosing cheap accommodations in Melbourne, make sure to ask questions about the ongoing services that are offered. You can find a location that offers all of the amenities and services to match the needs of your family.

Do you have questions about booking a furnished apartment in Melbourne? Our team at Airport Tourist Village Melbourne is here to help! Contact us any time to learn about the services that are offered.

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